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Daiya Clay Cutter - June 2024

Daiya Clay Cutter - June 2024

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SIZE  1.35in Tall x 1.50in Wide


While durable, do not stress beyond intended use or apply horizontal pressure. Avoid storing cutters under direct sunlight.



Roll clay onto a porcelain tile after conditioning. This will keep the clay on the tile and not inside the cutter. Press the cutting edge gently into your clay, making sure you cut all the way through the clay slab. You can slightly wiggle the cutter back and forth to push the surrounding clay away, making a cleaner cut edge.



Wash cutters with clean soapy water or wipe down with a wet cloth. Wipe between uses to avoid color transfer. Do not place cutters into dishwasher or oven (Yes, it will melt!)



CORNSTARCH You don't need much of it to create a barrier between the cutter and clay. Dip the cutter in the cornstarch and tap the excess before cutting.

WATER Wet a sponge and wring until no longer saturated. Place damp sponge in a bowl and press cutting edge into the sponge before using on clay.

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