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H-26 - Transfer Paper - June Launch

H-26 - Transfer Paper - June Launch

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  • Roll out conditioned clay into a slab
  • Using a roller, roll your clay slab onto tile securing it place.
  • I suggest pre-cutting your transfer paper. This will eliminate waste and allow left overs to be used later!
  • Bright color side down, bray your magic transfer paper on the top of your clay slab. A few times over! This will help the image to transfer in place.



I tried a few different techniques when it comes to dissolving the paper in water to reveal the image. The best result was given when the entire slab goes under the faucet on a low water pressure setting. This gave the best result for me. I also tried lightly pouring water on the slab at my work station, it was messy but it worked! I also tried spritzing water, which gave me the least favorable results. While rinsing, use your finger to gently rub the paper away.


After the paper was dissolved, I let mine dry for a minute or two. Any left over paper will turn white upon drying. This can be re-rinsed away without affecting the image transfer. Bake as directed to your brand of clay.


I did not have to seal my transfers after baking. I didn't notice any wear and tear after wearing and even put them to the test with scratching. If you feel like you want to seal them to be safe, resin or Dura Clear Matte Varnish are great options!



Images displayed on electronics May look different than product in hand. Be sure to bake correctly based on your brand of clay. I am NOT responsible for any products that are incorrectly applied or baked. I am not responsible for colors changing after baking, there are endless variables for why this may happen. Be sure to check out my tutorial on all social media accounts to correctly use this product! I will not return, replace, or refund this product. 

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