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Organic Pebble - Basics Collection

Organic Pebble - Basics Collection

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This style comes in four sizes
.75 in / 19 mm
1 in / 25 mm
1.25 in / 31 mm
1.5 in / 38 mm

Wash cutters with clean soapy water or wipe it with a wet cloth.
Wipe between uses to avoid color transfer.
While durable, do not stress beyond intended use or apply horizontal pressure.
Avoid storing cutters under direct sunlight.
Do not place cutters into dishwasher or oven (Yes, it will melt!).
Not suitable for children due to small parts.

It is expected that a small amount of sanding of your polymer clay piece is required after using these cutters. We do not guarantee a perfect cut, but it will be a very clean cut.

Press the cutter gently into polymer clay, making sure you cut all the way through the clay slab. To avoid getting clay stuck in the polymer clay cutter and using your fingers to remove it, place your polymer clay slab on a ceramic tile and cut your shapes out onto that surface.
The edges of the polymer clay can be smoothed out with your fingers or can be sanded down after the clay has been cured.

Dust Your Cutters with a Bit of Cornstarch - This is my go-to technique! Try lightly dusting the inside and outside with some cornstarch or baking powder. You don’t need much of it to create a barrier between the cutter and clay. Dip the cutter in the cornstarch or baking powder and tap off the excess before cutting.
Mist Your Cutters with Water - Sometimes, all it takes to prevent polymer clay from sticking to cutters is water mist. Place some water in an empty misting bottle, then give the inside of your cutters a quick spritz. Avoid saturating your cutters — all you need is enough water to reduce the friction zones between the clay and cutter.

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