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Floral Ornament #2 Acrylic Tile - February Launch

Floral Ornament #2 Acrylic Tile - February Launch

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Acrylic Textures



Acrylic can be cleaned using a baby wipe, soap and water, and/or alcohol. Acrylic can scratch easily so be careful with your tools! If your clay is sticky, you may find it difficult to yield a clear result. Try using a small amount of corn starch to counteract the oils in the clay. If your acrylic texture tile has clay stuck in it, use a soft bristle tooth brush and gently clean the clay out of the design.



For best results, use 5mm or 6mm (preferred) depth guides. Roll clay through pasta machine, fold clay over. Place acrylic engraved side up and place folded clay over the acrylic texture. With the depth guides on each side, use your hand roller over the clay until level with depth guides. The slower, more gradual pressure will help with most accurate results! When clay has met the required depth, pull acrylic texture away from the clay. Lay out on your working surface and cut out as desired💜

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