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Ultimate Polymer Clay Starter Kit

Ultimate Polymer Clay Starter Kit

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A $250.00 Value!

This box represents the Clay Community and how supportive, encouraging, and uplifting the makers are in this niche little part of the internet. Clay tool creators and mentors have come together to bring you everything you need to get started and how! Be sure to follow us all on social media and say hello!

We all started somewhere and had help along the way from friends in the community!

Clay is a therapeutic and fun way to create and boost your self esteem by wearing your creations, selling to others, or gifting to your family and friends! If you post your creations online, be sure to tag us or send it to us! We would love to see your pieces and follow your journey!

Included in this Kit

- 6x6in Ceramic Tile

- Sculpey Souffle Colors: Cherry Pie, Cornflower, Canary, Latte, Igloo x2, and Poppy Seed

- 2 Tissue Blades: Short & Long

- 2 Acrylic Rollers: Small & Large

- Hand Drill with Vareity Bit sizes

- Color Mixing Cube

- Super Glue

- Depth Guides (2mm, 3mm, 4mm)

- Metal Detail Cutters

- Needles for details

- Fine Grit and Coarse Grit Sand papers

- Silicone Flower Mold

- 2 Pairs of Pliers

- Jewelry Components in Silver and Gold: Flat Studs, Ball Posts, Hoops, French Hooks, Jump Rings in various sizes, and cz charms.

- Maverly Designs Staple Cutter Bundle

Includes PR Product kits and coupons from the following businesses:

- Sculpey Official

- Creative Well Co

- Lulu Cutters

- Momo Studios

- Hey Maker Hey

- Squiggle Cutters

- Jackson and June

- The Blue Bottle Tree

- Wandering Rindle

- Maverly Designs

- Cutterly Designs

- Creme Bru Clay

- Clay Color Designs

Kit is sold as is. Filament colors and other items may vary. No returns or exchanges. Be sure to carefully read the store policy!

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